Kamis, 07 Oktober 2010

what i learn from my parent's life

Who am I without my parent’s? Many things I can learn from my parent’s life to be better person. I want to share wonderful experiences by my parent’s with all of you. I will tell about them more specific by what I learn from my parent’s, what they do in the past and how my father really believes to depend on God.

I think my parent’s always do the best for my family. Maybe every parent’s in the world always give the best for their family. Many actions by my parent’s do for our family. My mother always support and help my father work by sell ice tea, when my family got problem in economy until now. My parent’s always depend on God. My father also works hard too. They do all that only for me as a child I think.

My parent’s always believe with God that’s Jesus can help us. About 3 years ago, my parent’s has gotten many big problems by economy side. One of all, my father dept involved, but I believe that my father always believe that Jesus will help at the time. Economy’s in my family really impossible to facing the problem. Unfortunately, my parent’s decide to sell our house, people only offered my house 80 million, and at the last God work through by someone. He came to my house and said that he will pay 150 million. amazing! My family debt reduced and I felt better and happy than before. My father can buy a new house with smaller than before. About 2 years ago, my father needs to stay in Telogorejo hospital. I also must pay to continue in Maranatha Christian University. It’s so hard for my mother I think, but my mother always work hard and believe that Jesus can help at the time. There is beautiful behind every problem. About 1 year ago, God recover economy of my parent’s through President SBY. He gave appreciate house for my father as a former athlete. It’s really impossible for my family, but I think Jesus works to my family. My family debt reduced by him. After that, my parent’s economy became better than before. I think my father is a man who really believes to depend on God.

All in all, every problem in our life actually has many solutions. Maybe that’s impossible for us, but not for God. Simple thing, we need to believe and depend on God.

"believes to depend God"

Sabtu, 02 Oktober 2010

Hero in my life when I was been staying in Bandung. Do you want to know her? Do you interest with my title that I said before? Who is she? Well, I cannot wait to share with all of you. Her name is Susi. She is the owner of small canteen at Terusan Babakan Jeruk street and as a chef at shalom canteen in young age, she is still young I think just about 20 years old. Many people can inspired me, but Now I want tell about Susi experiences. Let me tell you values that I can learn from her doing and something that can change my mind.

First of all, I want to know about her life more and then share what I get. Now, I can said with all of you after she told to me a few days ago. I think experience in her life so wonderful and can make me amazed actually. In her young age, she sacrifices her time to work for pay her family. It is so excellence I think. Now, I changed my mind. I need to all out with do the best for my life. Study more and more. About one month ago i felt saturated, but after i look at her experiences I should not to be a lazy. Now, I tried to fight back when I feel lazy. Her cheerful really make me cheerful too.

Value is something great to our life. Something like what we achieve and people can looks directly. I think everyone has a value. May be the value can small or big depend deeply we know. I amazed with she is doing. The passion, vision, and action. Not only passion and vision like me. Just dream and dream. But we must have passion, vision and action. Not every people can do that, but she can. She tells that she has a passion to study like me but the condition it is not possible.

Overall, Mbak susi can bring a good influence in my life. That is why I want doing something maximal in every what I do in my life like she does. Just do the best thing for everything. (o'.'o)


Minggu, 26 September 2010


You are great. Yes, I believe that each people have ability. Why did i say like that? Because we were created has a talent. We can be great person, but sometimes we forgot the way how we achieve it.

I watched commercial video 5 days ago. It tells about passion Nike to be athlete and many time he spent to practice. Actually, I really have a passion to be a good pianist, to be a good basket ball player, and to be a good designer. Unfortunately It just in my mind, I did not sacrifice my time to achieve them. Now, I aware to achieve what we want, we must sacrifice something. For example my time and must practice to achieve what we want.

Through this blog I just wanna say that we must do something to achieve the passion to be like what in the future. Not only think about it, but we need to do something to achieve that.

"What we do now, have a big effect in our future"

Sabtu, 25 September 2010

Puppies For Sale ^_^

Can you imagine what physical defect someone felt? I have read inspiration story last week in the internet. Now, I want to share the point that I got with all of you. It is puppies for sale. Puppies for sale tell about how someone understands others.

Now, I am going to tell and share the value that I got from puppies for sale. Puppies for sale tells the little boy want to buy puppy and then he chose puppy but the owner said that the dog will never be able to run and play with him like these other dog would and then the little boy said that he doesn’t run to well himself. He will need someone who understands him. A lot of people want to understand by other, but sometimes we forgot to understand other first. Puppies for sale can give advice for the readers. We need to understand other first. The world is full of people who need someone who understand.

After I read puppies for sale I learn to understand other is important. I aware the world is full of people who need someone who understands. Now, I tried to understand others start by my family.

"The world is full of people who need someone who understands"

Senin, 13 September 2010

Biografi of Philip Mantofa

Have you ever known someone really use by Jesus? I have recently thinking about the meaning of love Jesus Christ with heart. By lifestyle of man who has passion to know Jesus Christ deeply. I want to share about the principle and his experience. His name is Philip Mantofa.

I think to be better if people use the principle of Philip Mantofa life’s. He sacrifice his youth to have intimacy with Jesus Christ and passion of his life to regeneration youth people. He never regretted giving up her youth to get closer to god. He always make Jesus Christ be the first as long as his life.

By his lifestyle, He wants to have many experiences with Jesus Christ. Hundreds of thousands of soul had been saved. By his serve, Youth leader shepherd of the local church. Many people who changed their lives through the power of god in his life.

In summary, intimate is to have a good a relationship with Jesus Christ through lives that are pleasing for him. For me, that is the way to pleasing God.