Senin, 13 September 2010

Biografi of Philip Mantofa

Have you ever known someone really use by Jesus? I have recently thinking about the meaning of love Jesus Christ with heart. By lifestyle of man who has passion to know Jesus Christ deeply. I want to share about the principle and his experience. His name is Philip Mantofa.

I think to be better if people use the principle of Philip Mantofa life’s. He sacrifice his youth to have intimacy with Jesus Christ and passion of his life to regeneration youth people. He never regretted giving up her youth to get closer to god. He always make Jesus Christ be the first as long as his life.

By his lifestyle, He wants to have many experiences with Jesus Christ. Hundreds of thousands of soul had been saved. By his serve, Youth leader shepherd of the local church. Many people who changed their lives through the power of god in his life.

In summary, intimate is to have a good a relationship with Jesus Christ through lives that are pleasing for him. For me, that is the way to pleasing God.

10 komentar:

  1. he is a great young speaker right?
    i can't imagine how to be in an intimate relationship like him.. must be very very great!
    haha.. :)

  2. he is a priest ? isn't he?
    is he still alive??

    by d way , where does he live??

  3. Philip Mantofa. I ever came to his KKR. He ever had trip to hell, isn't he? He is an amazing pastor.. ^^

  4. Yeahh...
    He is the best priest I ever heard...
    So great...^^

  5. he got blessed from goodd =D
    that's really cool!

  6. nice biography , jow..! ^^
    i don't know about him. but i think he is a good person.. ^^

  7. it is a good biography.
    although i do not know him, but after i read your writing. i think he has a good personality

  8. I never heard about him..
    But, from your writing, I know he blessed by God to do His job..
    Very good bio

  9. Thanks for your biography, Jowo..
    Now I know 1 more person who God use & really blessed.. ^^

  10. @vern:yes, he is still young speaker ren...

    @Lukman: maybe you must know can borrow my book about his biografi... Many motivation you can get it...

    @Lia: I don't know about it Lia...

    @aLL: Thanks for your comment...