Sabtu, 02 Oktober 2010

Hero in my life when I was been staying in Bandung. Do you want to know her? Do you interest with my title that I said before? Who is she? Well, I cannot wait to share with all of you. Her name is Susi. She is the owner of small canteen at Terusan Babakan Jeruk street and as a chef at shalom canteen in young age, she is still young I think just about 20 years old. Many people can inspired me, but Now I want tell about Susi experiences. Let me tell you values that I can learn from her doing and something that can change my mind.

First of all, I want to know about her life more and then share what I get. Now, I can said with all of you after she told to me a few days ago. I think experience in her life so wonderful and can make me amazed actually. In her young age, she sacrifices her time to work for pay her family. It is so excellence I think. Now, I changed my mind. I need to all out with do the best for my life. Study more and more. About one month ago i felt saturated, but after i look at her experiences I should not to be a lazy. Now, I tried to fight back when I feel lazy. Her cheerful really make me cheerful too.

Value is something great to our life. Something like what we achieve and people can looks directly. I think everyone has a value. May be the value can small or big depend deeply we know. I amazed with she is doing. The passion, vision, and action. Not only passion and vision like me. Just dream and dream. But we must have passion, vision and action. Not every people can do that, but she can. She tells that she has a passion to study like me but the condition it is not possible.

Overall, Mbak susi can bring a good influence in my life. That is why I want doing something maximal in every what I do in my life like she does. Just do the best thing for everything. (o'.'o)


4 komentar:

  1. How can you know mba susi? Are you customer in her canteen? ^^b

  2. "Passion+Vision+Action"
    Great quote, Jowo.. She is so inspirational..
    Maybe later I will eat in her canteen, so I will know her more.. =3

  3. I agreeeee.. do the best thing Liz..
    and the result will be the best for you too..:)

  4. @Lia: you must eat at canteen shaLom Lia...because it's so near with your boarding house ^_^ maybe we must eat together...

    @Stevi n jeff: okay we must better than before...